• Smoother and stronger skin

    - I noticed smoother, stronger skin. I have smaller pores and less wrinkles, my skin seems more moisturised.
    Sølvi - Dry Skin

  • No outbreaks

    - The skincare line has kept my skin
    generally clean over the entire
    period. No pimple outbreaks.

    Synne - Acne Skin

  • Cleared my oily t-zone

    - My skin is softer, smoother. I do not
    have an oily T-zone anymore.
    I haven't had impurities in my
    cheeks. That's where I use to get

    Sonja - Combination Skin

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Up to 99,5% natural ingredients

Using seaweed's abundance of vitamins and minerals, the skincare line ranges from 97% and up to 99,5% natural ingredients and probiotics. Its designed to tighten, nourish, and create a healthy and smooth skin with optimal microbiome and balance. All with a good conscious.

Our skincare smells fresh, with a hint of mint.

Products are made in Norway.

Only the best!

We use only the best ingredients in our skincare products. The red seaweed Dulse is one of the most nutritious and valuable seaweeds.

Everything we produce is made by eco-friendly zero waste principles, we aim to use all parts of the ingredients in our products. Sollmar is a sustainable and natural skincare series, nourished by the sea.

Once in a full moon

Harvesting Dulse is a special ritual. It grows deeper in the sea than other seaweeds, and can be harder to find. Here in Norway you can find it on the stems of oarweed kelp. We harvest the seaweed by hand, and to get to the dulse seaweed we often have to wait for the extra low tide, as it is during the full moon.

During harvest we make sure to cut the seaweed in a sustainable way, so that it grows back quickly.

The routine

The skincare line is built in the same way as Korean skin care (K-Beauty), with a 2-step cleansing system, followed by nourishment and hydration. This routine is known to help you get natural flawless skin. Depending on your skin type you can use every product morning and night, or rotate the use with skin cycling.

Sollmar Cosmeceutical Seaweed skincare

Raw food & Zero waste production

We produce according to the "raw-food principle" - the least possible heating of raw materials in processes. This gives the finished products high quality. In addition, the entire raw material is used, e.g. linseed oil, flax, flax extract and flax juice from sprouts (as an example). We believe that using as many parts of a plant as possible provides good synergy and feels natural for the skin. Our goal is to create products that are healthy for both you and the environment.

Our uniqueness