Sollmar - We are unique

Why? Well, we have a unique production method for our natural skincare that preserves the nutrients in the ingredients and seaweed in the best possible way. Read about all the other things that make our products and production unique here.

Developed and produced in Norway
The skincare line is developed and produced in Norway, by a Norwegian team with long experience in seaweed and skincare production.

Dulse Seaweed
Many brands use other types of seaweed, we use mainly dulse because it has so much nutrition that is suitable for the skin.

Fermentation - Probiotic
Our products stand out among other natural brands due to our unique formulas, which include a blend of raw natural ingredients, seaweed, and innovative utilization of fermentation/probiotics.

We have a unique fermentation process for seaweed that provides a highly concentrated serum. The fermentation process takes several steps to make the best use of the ingredients. This helps the product and nutrients to be more easily absorbed, as food for the skin.

Skin Microbiome balancing
The skincare line is intended to help the skin achieve balance in the skin microbiome. Therefore, the products can be used by almost everyone.

Raw Food
As far as possible, we try to work according to the "raw-food principle".We use the least possible heating of raw materials and in processes. This gives the finished bases high quality.

The products have multipurpose potential. Asians in particular think about skin care as a more holistic treatment than the West. Some products contains biotin and other nutrition that is especially beneficial for scalp and hair roots. The cleansing products can also be used as face masks.

All the ingredients we use are chosen carefully. We use natural and vegan ingredients, and each product contains at least 70% certified organic ingredients.

We use a small amout of natural fragrance, essential oils and nature-Identical. There is very little fragrance in our products and this will not cause irritation.

Unique preparation of raw materials
Sprouts are grown in the sustenance of seaweed for the most nutritious ingredients possible.

Zero Waste production
We use the entire raw material of the ingredients. Residual waste after fermentation is used both in the garden and as food (e.g. ferment residues are dried and given to birds outside our location.

We reuse ingredients that would otherwise be considered waste.

Low CO2 footprint
Since we make most of the extracts and some of the the oils here at the premises, there will be a smaller CO2 footprint and transport. We also try to obtain as short-travelled raw materials as possible, but some imports are needed. As far as possible, we use food-grade raw materials.

Korean beauty is a routine that emphasizes caring for the skin. By indulging the skin with proper, regimented care using products made only with the best natural ingredients, your complexion reaches its best state.