Sollmar is developed and produced on the west coast of Norway, made from nutritious and natural ingredients.

The name came naturally – "soll/søl", which is the kelp we use in the products, and "mar", which means sea in Spanish.

Spill, the fresh gold from the sea. This swaying, red seaweed is nutritious food for your skin. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals found in Soll, it can help to tighten and nourish, while giving you healthy and smooth skin.

Sollmar has probiotic ingredients and is designed to create optimal microbiome and balance for your skin.

Everything we produce is made according to environmentally friendly principles with zero waste, and we strive to use every part of the ingredients in our products. Sollmar is a sustainable and natural skincare range, nourished by the sea.

This is how it started

Having worked with seaweed for many years, we knew how wonderful these plants were for the skin. We wanted to create an effective and complete skin care range that nourished the skin with all the good ingredients found in seaweed.

Our desire was to help people achieve naturally healthy and radiant skin, rich in moisture and nourishment, so that everyone can love their skin.

The team

We are a small team, but we are passionate about creating the best products for our customers. Thank you for choosing to support our small business. We hope that our products will help give you healthy, fresh and radiant skin.

We are unique

Why? Well, we have a unique production method that preserves the nutrients in the ingredients in the best possible way. Read about all the other things that make our products and production unique.