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How to apply eye cream

Feb 29, 2024Runar Trellevik

Not sure where to apply the eye cream?

It should be applied along the leg under and above the eye, morning and evening on cleansed skin. Do not apply the eye cream right up to the eye, as the skin naturally absorbs the product it needs.

When applying eye cream, it is crucial to be careful to avoid stretching or pulling the sensitive skin around the eyes. Use your ring finger to gently pat the cream into the skin. The ring finger has a naturally light touch and is gentle on the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Our eye cream helps prevent lines and tightens the skin while reducing bags and dark circles under the eyes. It is specially made for the delicate skin around the eyes, as this area has fewer sebaceous glands and loses moisture faster than the rest of the face.

When should you start using eye cream?
From the age of 25 you can start using eye cream.

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